About NeXX Water

About Nexx Water

Superior Quality & Innovative Technology

Our Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the water filtration industry, you can trust your natural alkaline drinking water needs to us.

The NeXX Water Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality natural alkaline drinking water system for the most affordable price. NeXX Water backs The Alkalizer systems with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

NeXX Water was founded by a desire to provide customers with truly natural alkaline drinking water. So many companies offer alkaline water systems that produce an artificial alkaline water by electrolysis using platinum and titanium plates. This is not true alkaline water as nature intended us to drink. We wanted to provide our customers with the best natural alkaline drinking water, water that is pre-filtered to .01µ micron by 3 stage ultra filtration, 4 stage Alkalizer and then activated and energized with negative ions and far-infrared rays to give our customers the healthiest water we could provide.

By using naturally alkaline minerals, we do more than just change the pH of the water, we provide the water with alkalinity. Without this alkalinity, there are no additional benefits that come from drinking the water. The water will simply take on the acidic qualities of the stomach after being consumed. We have designed the NXW Alkalizer to maximize the benefits of drinking truly natural alkaline water.

We manufacture all of our NXW Alkalizer Natural Alkaline Drinking Water Systems with only high quality parts and components to provide our customers with a natural alkaline drinking water system that will last. It is this quality that sets NeXX Water apart from other alkaline water companies. You can rest assured that the system you purchased has a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 120 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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