• NXW Alkalizer
  • NXW Alkalizer
  • NXW Alkalizer
The Nexx Generation of Natural Alkaline Drinking Water!
NXW-1000 Alkalizer

NXW-1000 Alkalizer

NXW-1000 Alkalizer The NXW-1000 Alkalizer features our unique NeXX Filtration 9 Stage filtration ..


NXW-2000 Alkalizer

NXW-2000 Alkalizer

NXW-2000 Alkalizer Under The Counter Alkaline Water System The NXW-2000 Alkaline Water System fe..


NXW-3000 Alkalizer Cooler

NXW-3000 Alkalizer Cooler

NXW-3000 Alkalizer Cooler The NXW-3000 Alkalizer Cooler is a Premium Water Cooler that plumbs d..


The 3 Step Natural Alkaline Drinking Water Process

Ultra Filtration

Step 1 Ultra Filtration Process

Purifying your water of contaminants

The NXW Alkalizer uses a unique 3 stage filtration process to provide quality, all natural alkaline drinking water. By using an ultra filtration membrane, beneficial minerals are left in the water supply while still providing water that is filtered down to .01µ micron.

Sediment Filter

5 Micron Sediment Filter

  • Filters out particles larger than 5µ microns
  • Increases the lifespan of filters downstream from it

Carbon Block

1 Micron Carbon Block

  • Adsorbs Chemicals such as Chlorine, Lead, Taste, Odor, VOCs, and MTBEs
  • Removes Impurities larger than 1µ microns

Ultra Filtration Membrane

Ultra Filtration Membrane

  • Filters to .01µ Micron
  • Reduces Cysts, Bacteria, Viruses, Lead, Lindane, Atrazine, VOC, MTBE and more!

The Truth About Water Ionizers

An alkaline pH is only beneficial to the body if it is natural, i.e. due to minerals in the water. All water coming from nature has a pH that perfectly corresponds to its mineral content. Naturally created alkaline water has a chemical makeup that differs significantly from artificial alkaline water.

Only a natural pH provides the body with lasting benefits. A stable, natural alkaline water combats osteoporosis while providing the body ample acid-buffering reserves. If you live a less than perfect lifestyle, natural alkaline water is a necessity. The NXW Alkalizer mimics the natural processes to create a natural alkaline drinking water directly from the faucet.

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